Truckside Advertising is an
innovative new approach to advertising that allows the
sides of busy delivery trucks to be used as billboard space for
advertisers.  Our high-resolution graphics are boldly displayed
on both sides of each truck, creating dual sided rolling billboards that have been shown to produce millions of impressions at the lowest CPM (Cost Per Thousand) of any form of advertising!

Billboard Truck C.P.M.
Advertising Comparison

Within the last five years outdoor advertising has become the second fastest growing advertising medium, second only to the internet (“Special Report: Outdoor,” Adweek September 24, 2007.)  Advances in technology have enabled the large vinyl graphics used in truckside advertising to be printed at very affordable prices.  This new affordability in printing has opened the door for advertisers to get high-quality, low-cost advertisements that can’t be ignored by even the hardest to reach consumers.

For many years, most of the mega brand companies have been using their own fleets of trucks to display their logos and designs, helping them build their brand to secure their positions as some of the most successful companies across the nation. 

However, it is not until recently that third party
companies have been able to put their message and
logos on the sides of other companies’ fleets, creating
the illusion that the fleets belong to them. 

One of the most powerful psychological effects of truckside advertising is that most people believe the advertised product is being bought and used by their neighbors and therefore the company is seen as successful.   (OAAA & Media Life “Delivering Brand by the Truck Loads”)  Seeing and believing the trucks belong to the company that has advertisements on them is a loud message to the consumer.  It sinks in deeply and the advertising is believable. 

91% of the people surveyed do notice words and pictures on mobile advertising vehicles.*

30% of mobile outdoor viewers indicate they would base a buying decision on the ad they see.*

Advertising won’t work unless it’s creative.
It must be new to capture one’s attention and engaging to hold onto it. For these reasons, truckside advertising is designed to inspire and made to wow the viewer. The sheer size of the high-resolution graphics is the first impressive feature. More importantly, seeing our advertised trucks on the streets is proof of your company’s success and people often
don’t even realize it’s an advertisement.

For example, if Bic is doing an
advertising campaign with us,
when consumers see a huge
delivery truck with the Bic logo all
over it they think “Wow, that’s
a lot of pens!”

With such a strong reaction, truckside
advertising does an excellent job creating positive
emotions, thus having a long term effect on the consumer. 

When a consumer faces buying decisions, it is their belief that leads to their buying action.  We, as consumers, are exposed to hundreds of advertisements on a daily basis.  The successful advertisements are the ones we remember and believe since this is what leads to a buying decision.  Truckside advertising has the advantage of being believable because people see the proof driving down the street right next to them.  People figure if
everyone else is buying that
product, it must be good. 

96% state that the ad had more impact than a static billboard."*

For Sprint PCS “Truckside advertising  generated the largest street-level creative presence available to reach the critical upscale NYC audience.  And, trucks delivered our message to parts of Manhattan that could not be reached by traditional forms of outdoor advertising.”  (Adam Bree, NY Metro Advertising Manager, Sprint PCS)

Mistic Brands, Inc., a leading soft drink manufacturer, expanded into truckside advertising by creating provocative, eye popping imagery designed to appeal to the 18-25 year old demographic.  As a result, over a two-month trial period they saw a 29% boost in sales.  (Beverage World “Goin’ Mobile” June 2002

In 2001 The Eastside Beverage Company decided to deploy mobile advertising as part of their ad campaign for the NCAA Final Four. They had a truck billboard touting Miller Genuine Draft Beer drive a circuit around the downtown bar area for the entire weekend.  For the first time Minneapolis downtown bars sold 60% more Miller Beer than other brands during the tournament.  (Indianapolis Business Journal, 8/6/2001)

An owner of a McDonald’s restaurant commented that “Truckside advertising is ideal for the driving impulse purchase. With so much of our (McDonald’s) store sales coming from impulse buyers, the big, bold, food-focused images on our trucks are making a significant impact.”  (Mark Freeman, Owner-Operator, President, Chicago Metro McDonald’s co-op group)

Traditional advertising media such as television,
radio, newspapers, and magazines are becoming
less effective due to new technology such as Tivo,
satellite radio, MP3 players, and the internet.  More
than ever, the consumer is getting harder and harder to reach by traditional advertising means.  Fortunately, truckside advertising provides a solution that is anything but traditional and it is paving a new road to reach these hard-to-hit consumers.

One of the greatest advantages truckside advertising has to offer is it has the lowest cost per thousand viewers, or CPM, than any other medium.
  One reason for this is truckside advertising is cooperative in nature.  Our local delivery trucks are already driving these routes on a daily basis.
  We don’t have to waste any money on gas, driver’s salaries, insurance, maintenance costs on trucks, etc.  It is economically efficient
and it is environmentally friendly. 

In the end, advertising is all about logic; Bigger is better, moving is better than stationary, and cheaper is better than expensive.  At the soul of every successful brand is the credibility of a well respected product and the passion of the culture behind it.  Truckside advertising delivers instant credibility in a big and believable way that is relatively new to the advertising community.  Just when you think advertisers have run out of new media, Impressions Media, LLC leads the way in this new frontier of advertising.