Impressions Media, LLC is proud to announce a very unique opportunity to earn extra income with no cost, no hassles and without any changes to your day to day business activities. As you may be aware, companies who own and operate delivery trucks are starting to lease the sides of their trucks to advertisers and are essentially creating a new revenue stream which did not exist before.

This emerging market of truckside advertising is relatively new and is a by-product of the multi-billion dollar advertising industry. Many companies with delivery trucks are quickly realizing that they

can also get a slice of the advertising pie by simply
putting ads on the sides of their trucks. One fleet owner
pointed out that with rising fuel and operating costs, this extra
income helps offset expenses and increases their bottom line

The price we are able to pay per truck is based on the number of impressions produced, location, size, and condition. For each month an approved truck displays an advertisement we will pay the owner the price agreed upon in the contract.
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Getting started with Impressions Media, LLC is easy. After gathering basic information regarding the typical route and territory of each truck, we schedule a time to meet at your location to get measurements and survey each truck. After all paperwork is complete, you are set up and we will immediately begin working on finding advertisers for your trucks.

Once an advertiser is identified, they will design their advertisement and we will submit it to you for your final approval. After the design is approved by your company, we will schedule a date to install the graphics at your location, working around your schedule. Since it only takes about an hour to install the graphics, your truck will not be required to be out of operation and we can even do installations on weekends.

The advertisement will be printed on a high quality vinyl banner which will be fastened to the sides of the truck. The most common system we use to fasten on the banners involves riveting an aluminum frame system to the exterior walls of the truck.

The frame which holds the banners tight is extremely
strong, light weight, and only extends about ΒΌ inch from
the side of the truck. Similarly, for smaller trucks
(under 24 feet) we may use a banner system which is fastened
on using an extremely strong velcro like system that holds the banners on tightly.

Once the banner is installed we ask that your trucks maintain roughly their same schedule and at the end of each month a mileage log is submitted to Impressions Media, LLC. Upon receiving the mileage log Impressions Media, LLC will send you a check for the specified amount. This process will repeat for the duration of the advertising campaign, at which point the banner will be removed and we will match your fleet with another advertiser.

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