Impressions Media

The Truckside Advertising Leader

Impressions Media offers Truck Advertising direct to the public through its network of exclusive truck partners from various industries in just about every state.  Truck Advertising is one of the most cost effective mass media options for outdoor advertising.

Why it works:  We all know that billboards work.  They are huge and everyone sees them.  Truck Advertising is simply a giant billboard that moves around and catches as many eyes as a regular bill board.

Why Truck Advertising is so cost effective:  There is a huge supply of vacant billboard space on thousands of trucks around the country.  We sign exclusive contracts with companies who own these trucks and they agree to allow us to sell their truck sides as billboard space.  The truck partners own their own trucks, they pay for insurance, gas, maintenance, driver salaries, worker’s comp, etc.  We simply provide the truck owners an extra income by bringing interested advertisers to the table and in turn the advertiser gets a huge rolling billboard to advertise on.  Truck Advertising is also a relatively u-heard of marketing avenue, especially putting ads on other companies’ trucks.  All these factors and more allow Truck Advertising to be one of the most cost effective outdoor advertising mediums.

We also specialize in putting graphics on your own trucks if you own a fleet of trucks and we are also always interested in meeting new truck partners if you would like us to sell advertising space for you.

Impressions Media is the leader in Truckside Advertising